What is LMK?

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LMK is an urban term or online slang for the phrase “let me know”.  People who make posts or leave comments on various online message boards and social media sites often create new terms and acronyms for various words and phrases.  One of these phrases is “let me know” which is shortened to “LMK”.  Instead of typing the whole phrase for example, people may just type in LMK to make his/her point across. The term LMK may be used in various online platforms such as social media posts and chat rooms.

Internet use has dramatically soared over recent years because of the popularity of social networking sites and gaming platforms.  Many online sites are now classified as “interactive” wherein users, members, and visitors can now leave posts and comments online.  Some of these sites and platforms also have chat-enabled applications wherein people can share their views, thoughts, and opinions with other people across the globe. This interactivity and the social component of some gaming sites and networking platforms has made the creation of so-called urban terms and online slangs very popular.  These new terms are coined out of the need to make quick conversations about certain online discussions.  With people getting supposedly busier by the day, shortcuts to various things are also preferred and welcome.  One of these shortcuts is the literal use of abbreviations like LMK rather than using or typing the whole “let me know” phrase.  In the case of quick inquiries regarding a product or service for example, users may simply comment with “LMK” to make the online conversation short but direct to the point.

The use of shortened phrases is also attributed to have been also popularized by mobile phone texting.  In the past, communication on mobile phones is pretty much about actual voice calls from one party to another.  In present times, younger people especially like additional features on their mobile devices like instant text messaging.  This feature on mobile phones work like online chatrooms and this explains why people who are into texting also use “LMK” and other acronyms and shortened phrases.

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