What is LLS in texting

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What is LLS in texting

LLS stands for “Laugh like Shit” or “Laughing like Shit”. It is one of many acronyms and urban terms used in texting and as an online lingo. For people who may get offended or dislike the “shit” part of LLS, some of them replace it with “silly”. And so sometimes, LLS may also mean “laughing like silly”. Whatever the preferred meaning or definition is, LLS is commonly used in situations wherein one is involved in a very funny conversation. When somebody on the opposite end of a chatroom or a text messaging service cracks a funny joke or tells something that’s really amusing, the other person may respond with LLS to signify that he/she is laughing hardly.

LLS is commonly used as an alternative to the more generic and somewhat outdated “LOL” or “laughing out loud”. It is said that younger people use LLS in texting and online chats instead of LOL. These younger people supposedly label LOL as an old internet or text lingo. But other people couldn’t care less. When a text or online conversation is considered funny, LLS or LOL can be used interchangeably.

With the ever-increasing popularity of texting, online chatting, and blogging, everyday words are shortened into acronyms or short phrases. Probably one of the main reasons is the character-limit on a given text message or online chat post. For a person to send a text or online message, certain mobile providers and online chat platforms have some sort of limit in terms of the number of characters a person can type for a single post. Because of this limitation, many have resorted to shortening words and coining new terms. LLS or “laughing like shit” is just one of the many terms that is frequently used by people when texting and chatting in online forums. When using LLS, one will just need to type three letters and this makes it easier and more convenient. The conversation will also become faster as the message may be sent a little more quickly.

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