What is LLR?

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What is LLR?
LLR stands for Learner License Registration. It is a qualification exam given by the Transport Department of India for applicants who wish to get their driver’s licenses. Before a person secures a permanent driving license, he or she should secure a LLR certificate first.

LLR tests are composed of 20 questions with topics related to the transport industry. Some questions are about the basic road signs and traffic signs that all drivers and even commuters must understand. Some questions involve situations and problems on road safety issues. The qualification exam also tests the applicants on their decision-making skills when confronted with different driving situations and conditions on the road. Like when someone is involved in an accident, questions relating to what must be done in that given situation are included in the test questions.

Applicants of this computerized exam need to finish answering the 20 questions in 10 minutes. In the past, the passing score for LLR was 16 out of 20. But recently, applicants only need to answer 12 questions right to get a Learner License Registration certificate. There have been complaints in the past regarding the difficulty of some questions. And so many youngsters in India who wish to get an LLR certificate are quite happy with the lowered passing score. By the age of 16, one can take the LLR test if the intention is to drive two-wheeled vehicles that are under 100cc. For four-wheelers and vehicles above 100cc, the minimum age requirement is 18 years.

To prepare for the test, an applicant may search model and sample test questions available online. In this way, applicants will be familiarized with the type of questions they are going to encounter during the examination day. In the past, LLR testing is given in English only. But today, applicants can choose to take the test in either Hindi or Telugu.

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