What is Literary Analysis?

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What is Literary Analysis?
Literary Analysis is a form of review or criticism to a particular written material. It is an opinion expressed by a particular writer regarding another writer’s work and this opinion could include facts and details of the literary work reviewed, reactions to some details of the work, corrections to ideas that are deemed wrong, and/or objections to certain things included in the literary work. The literary work for analysis and review may be in the form of essays, short stories, novels, and poetry among others. It is similar to a book review or an article review, except that various literary works may be evaluated other than books or articles.

Literary Analysis may be done in different ways but are usually presented in an article or essay. The form of review and criticism may also differ depending on the goal of the reviewer of the literary work. For some people, literary analysis is done in terms of a thorough review of the language technicalities of a particular written work. Details such as meanings and imagery presented by the literary work may be reviewed for correctness and relevance to the point of view of the reader. Others also make reviews in rhetorical form wherein validation is given by the reviewer to the writer regarding the message that is intended by the written work. Some people also make literary analysis in terms of the historical context of the written work involved. Details such as the choice of words and phrase conventions are evaluated if these are based on the supposed time in history on which the literary work is based. There are also literary reviews that basically make a presentation of the opinions and views of one reviewer on a particular written material. The opinions presented may not necessarily be objective in nature but nevertheless, arguments and details are presented to give criticism on the whole written work or parts of it.

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