What is Listeria?

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What is Listeria?
Listeria or Listeria monocytogenes, is actually a very dangerous bacteria as it is a cause of a very dreaded disease, called Listeriosis. In fact, it is not just dangerous due to the disease that it can cause, but it can be found just anywhere. It usually grows on soil. It can then infect vegetables, water, sewage, and even the very food that you eat right now. Yes, this is how potentially damaging Listeria can be.

The truth here is that Listeriosis, being the disease that it causes, is a rare disease. However, once it infects you, it can even cause death. This is so true especially to the newborns. Newborn babies might get infected with this bacteria and eventually die due to their weak immune system. Not to mention the fact that this bacteria can easily scatter and infect the baby.

Listeria can be present for raw meats and dishes. When you love eating these dishes, there is a great possibility for you to get the said bacteria. However, it can be eliminated by simple processes such as Pasteurization and well done cooking. Yet, aside from that, Listeria can also be present when the process of meat packaging gets contaminated.

There are already different treatments to this disease such as ampicillin and intralytix. Scientists and researchers also continue their quest to finding the ultimate solution to this disease. Not only that ,they also find means so as to totally eradicate the possibility of this bacteria penetrating the food that you eat.

On the lighter side, due to some unique characteristics of these bacteria, it was found out that it is a possible cure for cancer. In fact, researchers are now furthering their research on the said potentials. Hopefully, soon this bacteria will no longer be viewed as an enemy, but an active medicine for some serious diseases.

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