What is LinkedIn?

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What is LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is another social networking website created on December of the year 2002. Started marketing in May 2003, LinkedIn is business-oriented and is intended for professional networking. LinkedIn rapidly increased its popularity and as of present, it has a record of over 90 million members who signed up. The professional networking site managed to reach people from over 200 nations around the world.

At present, websites are being offered in different languages. As of today, LinkedIn is offered in six different languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and French). According to a statistical report provided by Quantcast, the website averages 21.4 million unique hits and 47.6 million hits from visitors all around the globe.

The company is composed of people from the big names of the internet industry. Its Chief Executive Officer was formerly an executive of Yahoo Inc. named Jeff Weiner. The founding person was Reid Hoffman, and under his team are Allen Blue, Lee Hower, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Stephen Beitzel, Konstantin Guericke, Ian McNish, Yan Pujante, David Eves, Eric Ly and Chris Sacherri. All these people also came from internet giants, Paypal and Socialnet.com.

Funding for LinkedIn was provided by several investors (Greylock, Bessemer Venture Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, Sequoia Capital and the European Founders Fund). LinkedIn headquarters is located in Mountain View, California. The company also had stationed offices at Omaha, Chicago, New York and London. Three years after the professional networking site was launched, it already reached profitability.

LinkedIn was conceptualized as social networking site. However, the website is not the typical networking site that people employ to connect to friends. The main intention of the website is to provide users a business-oriented networking site. It permits registered members to maintain contact list, which is called ‘Connections’. This so-called ‘Connections’ are contact details of persons who a user trusts in business. A user can invite contacts to be part of their ‘Connections’ and it is not limited to registered users. Even non-registered members can be invited and be included in contact list.

In business, one of the most important ingredients of success is the contact list. More contacts mean more business opportunities and you get to have the chance to reach a wider customer base. There are several ways the ‘connections’ can be utilized.

A user may know other contacts from their direct contacts. This will help building a larger business relationship. When it comes to finding jobs, people from your contacts can help you or someone you know to find job opportunities. On the part of employers, they can easily find potential candidates using the website’s ‘connections’.

LinkedIn has its own version of Yahoo! Answers, which is the LinkedIn Answers. Users may post questions, usually business-oriented questions for the whole community to answer. Moreover, character of the people asking and providing answers can be verified. This allows an honest interaction of users.

Groups can also be established with the feature LinkedIn Groups. This feature enables people to join groups of their interests. Groups may be used in establishing new businesses. Another great feature of the website was presented in November 2010. Businesses are now allowed to post products and services on their company profile pages. Members were also allowed to recommend or promote products, as well as writing reviews.

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