What is Link Karma?

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Link Karma

Link Karma is a term attributed to the Reddit community, a summation of how good a person performs in the web. The higher the link karma, the more active one person is. Karma is obtained by submitting posts or links that you think many people will like. When an individual votes for a post or link that you shared, you get one count of Karma.

To gain link karma, you need to create a Reddit account. The cap on the posting will prevent someone from spamming the site. Reddit is available in gold and non-gold membership. Once a member, you can start sharing interesting links which will be seen by other Reddit members. People can up-vote and down-vote. While each vote signifies one Link Karma, the up-votes and down-votes will offset each other. For instance, if ten users will up-vote a post, your Link Karma will be set to 10. However, if and five other users have down-voted it, your total Link Karma will go down to five. The Link Karma is displayed as a number on the right corner of your profile name. It changes whenever a person votes your post.

Link Karma stemmed from the theory of real Karma. In real like Karma is a belief in Hindu-Arabic culture which says that every bad deed has an equal bad effect to the one doing it. If a person does well, the same will also return to him. There are two types of Karma – the good and the bad. Good karma brings good luck while the latter brings the opposite.

When applied on the web, a person who has a lot of votes can also receive the same. Individuals with high Link Karma are often the most active on Reddit. However, when a person down-votes too much, there is also a high tendency that he will be down-voted by others.

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