What is LightScribe?

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LightScribe is an optical disk recording and labelling technology developed by the people of Hewlett-Packard Company. Prior to LightScribe, the task of burning data onto a disk is separate from the task of putting labels on it. The labels may be put onto a disk by way of printing directly or having to use stickers. With LightScribe technology, the same CD or DVD drive will be used for the two tasks involved. The under-side will be burned with data through laser technology. The same drive will also do the task of putting a label on the disk digitally. Two tasks will then be handled by a single drive using LightScribe technology from HP.

To use LightScribe, the DVD or CD drive must be LightScribe enabled in order to have digital labelling on the disk. Corresponding software must also be installed in a person’s computer in order to burn data and labels onto the optical disk. Special disks are also needed and they should be compatible with LightScribe to use the disk labelling technology. Through a special laser, the image or label will be etched on the top-side of the disk while the under-side will be burned with data like images, music, and videos.

Initial versions of LightScribe technology featured all-sepia labelling for the disk. Latest versions of the software now include multiple colors for a more creative and artistic disk label. LightScribe is considered to be the first of its kind in digital disk labelling. This technology also got support from other companies that produce the LightScribe-compatible compact disks and digital video disks. The best thing about LightScribe is that the optical drive does not need inks or papers when etching the labels and images on the disk. The special coats on the CDs and DVDs are the ones that help produce the desired colors when exposed to laser. The desired image or label will also be etched onto the disk almost permanently.

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