What is light made of?

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Light is created through energy, specifically the energy created by an electromagnetic radiation. Whenever this kind of energy is present, light can be produced. This simply points to the fact that light is made of energy. Whenever there is an electric charge, electromagnetic waves will be generated and this energy will then help produce light that can be detected by the human eye. All the energy created by these electromagnetic waves does not result to the perception of light but it provides the same energy that could produce light as people see or perceive.

The electromagnetic spectrum is the visible part that people see when there is electromagnetic energy present. Depending on the pattern of the waves or energy, light and other forms of energy may be produced. X-rays and microwaves for example are also products of the energy in electromagnetic waves but these waves are invisible to the human eye. X-rays are known as a type of diagnostic procedure for human body ailments and this kind of energy can only become useful with the use of film negatives. Microwaves meanwhile are also another source of energy that cannot be seen by the naked eye but can also be used for practical purposes like deep heating for example. Ultraviolet rays are also produced by the same energy that can produce visible light.

Beyond the energy produced in x-rays and microwaves are the infrared type of light and the so-called electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared light has a red hue and its energy source is already visible to the naked eye as a form of true light. The electromagnetic spectrum meanwhile comes in a variety of colors that eventually led to what people know as the rainbow colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. These lights have different waves in terms of their energy source resulting in the variety of colors.

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