what is lieutenant governor?

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In the United States and Canada, a lieutenant governors or vice governor is the second highest elected officer of a state which is next in rank or the second-in-command under a governor. The lieutenant governor is also considered as an executive officer that replaces the current governor when there is a case of disability or death.

A lieutenant governor’s job varies state to state and also by jurisdiction. In Commonwealth of Nations states, they act as representatives of the monarch and as nominal chief executives. Lieutenant Governors are also included in the Dutch political system. They are executors of overseas possession. In certain countries like India, they are in charge of special administrative divisions. Influence over state policies and the prioritization of funds is also overseen by the lieutenant governors. In Canada, the lieutenant governor does not only perform constitutional duties but ceremonial duties as well. They carry out some of the ritual duties generally related with the heads of state.

A state governor appoints a lieutenant governor to act as his second-in-command. In some cases that they are not appointed, the voters will elect a candidate into office. If the governor is incapacitated or otherwise unfit for duty, the lieutenant governor serves the remaining unexpired term of the governor. Ideally, a governor and a lieutenant governor must represent the same political party. In scenarios where the candidate is elected into office and is representing an opposing party, they may not be able to work together well.

Most politicians who are aspiring to become a governor of a state someday will go for the lieutenant governor position first. In a study from the National Lieutenant Governors Association, they discovered that between the year 1980 and 2006, 56 of the lieutenant governors were eventually elected to be the governors of their respective states.

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