What is LHR?

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LHR is an acronym referring to the so-called “Love-Hate Relationship”. In this kind of relationship, people often fight and quarrel with each other despite their obvious attraction and love for each other. Love-hate relationships are typically labelled for male-female couples but they can also be true for siblings, best friends, office mates, and boss-subordinate relationships among many others. The basic common thing among these different types of relationship is that it is mainly characterized by feelings of love and hate at several points or stages.

In the case of male and female couples, those who frequently fight about seemingly small things and then make up again later is considered very typical and common. Although one party loves the other deeply, there are simply just many times that one or both parties may get so irritated about each other. Some people tend to very demanding of their partners and they show their concern and love by being very strict and arrogant. At many stages in a relationship, this kind of behavior will cause friction and frequent fighting. The fighting always happens in love-hate relationships but it doesn’t necessarily mean that love is lost between the couple. Some couples simply don’t have enough emotional restraint in terms of dealing with concerns and problems.

Love-hate relationships may also occur between office mates or siblings for example. For siblings, the love between them is usually unquestionable and unconditional but the feeling of hate will always come up every time there is a problem relating to their everyday lives. For people who see each other every day, one may get irritated of the other in terms of attitude and personality. This also holds true in the workplace where office best friends may also constantly fight but remain loyal and caring for each other in good and in bad times.

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