What is LFP?

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LFP is a term commonly used by online gamers especially in the world of MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role playing games.  These type of games involve many players playing the same game simultaneously.  Players from any part of the world may join in as long as they are online.  As the term suggests, players could reach to thousands in number making the game platform as really massive.  With so many players involved and playing a single game or platform, there are various ways to communicate with each other and one way is through the use of terms and shortened phrases like LFP.

LFP literally stands for Looking for Players or Looking for Party.  When players want to have their names included in the gaming list and be invited to become part of a game or team, they may do so by typing in LFP.  In case the MMO platform is that of the Holy Trinity, a player may also decide to list his name using the LFP term along with the chosen role he/she wishes to perform.  Otherwise, one may just choose to wait for somebody to invite them to join the game by simply listing through LFP.  For a new player for example who wishes to be part of a team and enter a dungeon, using LFP is an easy way to get invited in.  LFP is also an alternative to LFD or Looking for Dungeon in this particular case.

In the world of MMORPG, a system of terms is put in place to make it easier for players from around the world to communicate with each other.  with so many players joining the game at the same time, creating a system of communication tools like using terms such as LFP provide convenience to gamers and let them concentrate more on their strategies rather than engage in complicated communication pathways.  For a newbie, using terms like LFP is especially beneficial in the sense that it makes them easier to find other players and join other teams.

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