What is Legal Weed?

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What is Legal Weed?
Legal weed is a synthetic form of marijuana. Others call it by different names like “legal bud”, “fake weed”, “herbal tobacco”, or “herbal buds” among others. It contains various dried leaves of herbal plants and is marketed as a legal form of marijuana. Some products even claim that this product contains a variety of herbs that are used for medicinal purposes to entice consumers that this product will produce the same effect as marijuana.

The use, cultivation, and selling of marijuana is illegal in most countries because of the plant’s psychogenic effect. Marijuana is considered addictive and its effects on the brain are considered dangerous. It is one of the most widely used and/or abused illicit substances in the world because of its affordability when compared to other illegal drugs like cocaine.

In the US, many states allow the sale of these legal weed products and over the years its consumption has grown especially among the younger generation. Despite its ban on some states, people can easily get legal weed products through friends and family from other states.

There have been inconsistencies though on the true effects of legal weed consumption. Some claim that cigarette products with synthetic marijuana just feel and/or smell like normal marijuana cigarettes but they don’t give the supposed “high” from the illegal drug. But there also products that are said to contain cannabinoids that may have some effect on the brain. It is believed that cannabinoids are able to provide the “high” that users want on these products. No thorough studies are conducted yet on the various effects of the many legal weed products on the brain. This has made a lot of people even more worried, especially parents of young or teenage kids. And since these type of products are legally sold, more and more of these young people have access to this product.

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