What is Lebanese?

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What is Lebanese?
A Lebanese is person or citizen of Lebanon, a country located on the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon is bordered by Syria and Israel and is considered part of Western Asia.

Based on statistics, there are about 4 million Lebanese living in their own country but it is also estimated that there are 15 million Lebanese living in different parts of the world. Of this 15 million, about 43% are said to reside in Brazil and 26% are in the US. It is also said that majority of Lebanese that reside out of their own country are Christians. But in Lebanon itself, Lebanese people of Islamic faith outnumber the Christians. The largest Islamic groups are those of the Shia and Sunni tribes. In terms of ethnicity, a great majority (78%) of Lebanese people are whites or Caucasians, about 14% are of Arab decent, and 4% have African or Asian links.

In terms of appearance, the stereotypical Lebanese would have brunet-white or pinkish-white skin with dark hair and brown eyes. These characteristics are typical of the Mediterrenean region settlers; though one could also find Lebanese that have more Northern European features like blonde hair, long faces and narrow noses.

Arabic is the official language spoken by Lebanese people who are living in Lebanon. Most forms of media like TV, newspapers, and magazines also use standard Arabic as the means of presenting information. French is also widely spoken since it is the country’s second language of instruction in most secondary schools. This is the reason that a big percent of total Lebanese population speak French fluently and regularly. And since the country is a mix of different cultures, backgrounds, and religions, holidays for both Christian and Muslim traditions are celebrated in the country. And because of Lebanon’s unique location, winter and summer sports may be played in the country. Among all sports, basketball is the most famous among the Lebanese people.

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