What is Larynx?

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What is Larynx?
Larynx is an organ situated in the neck of mammals. It is also known as the voice box and Adam’s apple. This organ serves as an air passage to the lungs. The function of this organ involves production of sound and protection of trachea. The vocal cords are situated in the larynx. This funnel shaped organ also plays an important role in manipulation of pitch.

The skeleton of the larynx is composed of nine cartilages. Connection is being made possible by means of muscles and ligaments. They are thyroid, cricoid and epiglottic. They occur in singles. Artenoid, corniculate and cuneiform occur in pairs. Sound can be produced only if variation in pressure is present. The desired pressure changes are produced by the larynx. Loudness is also dependent on the strength of expiration from the lungs. The hypoid bone is connected to the larynx. The organ larynx is divided into sub larynx; larynx and supralarynx. The vocals cords are usually white in color. Larynx also assists in swallowing and respiration. In humans sound emitted by the vocal cords take the shape of words. A constriction in larynx results in difficulty in production of the sound of desired consonants and vowels. Vibrations of larynx give rise to vowels.

Like all other organs in the living body larynx is also not free from diseases. Vocal cords can be affected by cancer. If they are detected at an early stage it can be cured by means of radiation. The affected part can also be moved surgically.

Nodules may occur on the vocal cords of people who overuse their voice. Children and woman get affected by this. A polyp is a condition which occurs in males. These polyps are lesions which develop in the edge of the vocal cord. It leads to production of hoarse voice. Voice of those with polyps gets tired easily. Intensive speech therapy is a remedy.

Laryngitis sicca is another disease affecting this organ. Inadequate hydration of the local cords gives rise to this condition. At times the vocal cord can also get paralyzed. This may be due to the failure of a muscular mechanism. Surgical treatment can be the ultimate remedy for all the disorders of the larynx if none is found to be effective.

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