What is Laid Off?

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What is Laid Off?

“Laid Off” is the term given for somebody who loses his/her job temporarily or permanently. This is the preferred term used by companies when they are in the process of downsizing their labor force and/or cutting costs in difficult economic times. Some people refer to being laid off as just another softer way of saying that a particular employee is being “fired” or “thrown out” by the company. But these two terms are usually reserved for extreme cases when there are problems concerning the employee himself.

Temporary layoff literally means a temporary suspension of work. This means that a particular employee on temporary layoff may still return to his/her job at a specified future time. This happens in cases wherein a certain job position is only required for specific days in the week or for specific seasons. Temporary layoffs may also happen when a particular company decides to cut back on some labor costs but still would want to keep certain people for future projects. During this temporary time off from work, some workers may or may not receive his/her salary. This depends on the employment contract and every employee must check with his/her employer in times when he/she is involved in a layoff program.

Layoffs may also be permanent, meaning the job post or function is considered redundant and no longer needed. In some instances, the workers may already know the exact duration of his/her job position and the time in which he/she will be laid off. In other instances, like unforeseen hardships in the business, laying off of workers may come unplanned but necessary. In this case, workers will be given notice of their termination from their works with our without separation benefits depending on the employment contract and labor guidelines.

Whether permanent or temporary, being laid off is usually not a good news to any worker. Most, if not all, people are dependent on their regular earnings and getting laid off would result to difficulties in terms of finances. To get what one is due when being laid off by his/her employer, each person should know the details of his/her employment.

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