What is Lady GaGa’s Real Name?

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What is Lady GaGa’s Real Name?
Born in Yonkers, New York with an Italian decent, a brunette baby was named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Nobody new back then that this girl would soon be famous and be called by a different name.

Stefani, her real name until this girl got famous, grew up in New York and attended a private Catholic school for girls. In her early years, she already showed inclination to music. She was able to write a piano ballad at 13 and got to a prestigious school of performing arts. But as a teenager, Stefani already knew she was meant to do things on her own and not follow the crowd. She quit school and joined the Lower East Side music scene of New York.

It was during her rebellious teenage years when Stefani honed her craft in making melodies. At 20, she was already able to write songs for the Pussycat Dolls, New Kids On The Block, and even pop royalty Britney Spears. She later met and work with producer Rob Fusari, who is credited for giving her a new name. Inspired from Queen’s Song “Radio Ga Ga”, Fusari renamed Stefani to who we know today as “Lady Gaga”. This “lady” has now become one of the most popular and influential people in the music industry with a string of hits and a lot of headline-grabbing controversies.

Many dispute though that Lady Gaga refused to use her real name “Stefani” to hide her Italian heritage and Catholic school girl beginnings. Lady Gaga is known today for revealing outfits and over-the-top exhibitionistic performances which render a mysterious connection to her supposed strict upbringing. Others also go by the usual excuse that her real name “Stefani” just isn’t unique enough and not flashy enough for a pop star.

Literally, Lady Gaga wouldn’t be “Lady Gaga” if she chose “Stefani” as stage name. To this little girl from Yonkers, her new name is what truly represents her bold and free-spirited attitude.

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