What is KYW?

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KYW is a popular radio station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the US. This station operates on the 1060 AM band and has an all-news format which started back in 1965.  At present, KYW is classified as one of many so-called Class A – AM Radio Stations because of its supposedly very clear transmission signal.  From its transmitter in Philadelphia, KYW’s signal can even reach areas that are up to the 60-mile radius capacity level.  People in the southern parts of New Jersey and New York states can get the signal of KYW very loud and clear.  With transmission signals at this level, KYW is able to maintain its popularity among valued listeners and its Class A status.

The original KYW radio station was formed as early as 1921 in the city of Chicago in Illinois. The first owners of the station were the Westinghouse Electric Corp and ComEd.  Several years later, Westinghouse became the sole owner of the station.  By 1937, KYW was relocated to its current location in Philadelphia because of the re-assignment of radio transmission channels.  It was in 1941 when KYW got its 1060 AM frequency and at this time it was still part of NBC under the subsidiary Radio Corporation of America.  Fast forward to 1995, KYW radio became a sister station to that of WGMP which is owned by broadcast company CBS.

Starting back in 1965, the radio format of KYW involves all-news programs.  News bits and information currently run for about 30 minutes per segment.  Weather and traffic updates are also regularly given for 10 or 15 minute intervals between different news programs.  This also holds true for sports updates that are inserted regularly throughout the day.  Whenever there are important news events, KYW also interrupts its regular programming schedule and provides news stories similar to those done on television news programs.

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