What is KWIM?

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‘KWIM’ is an acronym that stands for ‘know what I mean.’ This particular phrase is popularly used among Internet users that frequent social networking sites and chat rooms.  Using ‘KWIM’ in communication basically shortens the actual phrase or question ‘know what I mean.’  During a chat conversation, for example, when a person is explaining something to another person, the first person may type ‘KWIM’ rather than have it spelled out.  First and foremost, typing only four letters makes it practical, easier, and faster. For people who are in a hurry or who are too lazy to type whole phrases and sentences, using acronyms like ‘KWIM’ are the best choice.  With ‘KWIM,’ one will get a response faster, and this will make the chat or conversations even more fruitful.

Another reason for KWIM’s popularity is that many of today’s youth are spending so much time on the Internet.  Websites and applications that offer social networking services have become the venue for communication and voicing out views and opinions.  With the huge popularity of these applications and sites, some people have also found a way of coining new words and phrases that are not only useful but also practical.  In the case of ‘KWIM,’ this four-letter acronym basically shortens the whole phrase and makes it easier for people to type them.  ‘KWIM’ and other so-called new words that are created during these modern times are also referred to as ‘urban lingo’ or ‘Internet slang.’  This is simply because most people that create and use them are those that live in highly-urbanized cities or those that are frequent Internet surfers.  With more and more people visiting social networking sites and chatting with friends online, for example, new terms and phrases will also be created regularly.  This is also true for the younger generation who have mobile devices and cellphones that have texting and chat features.  With these mobile features, many of these people have also resorted to creating phrase shortcuts like ‘KWIM.’

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