What is KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) – Basic Things You Need to Know

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KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) ‘“ Basic Things You Need to Know
KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) is the colloquial term used for Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited. This is the largest and most established stock exchange in Pakistan. The location of KSE is in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan and on the Stock Exchange Road in the core of the Karachi Business District. Its foundation is dated way back 1947. It does not only deal with Pakistani exchange but also with overseas listing.

KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) has been declared the ‘Best Performing Stock Market of the World for year 2002’ with 654 companies listed in their market capitalization. On December 8, 2009, its recorded market capitalization is Rs. 8.561 trillion. It has the US dollar value of $120.5 billion. By July 30, their market capitalization reached a phenomenal Rs. 2.95 trillion or the approximation of US$350 billion. On December 31, 2007, it closed its KSE 100 Index at 14075.83.

On its 6th year in the business, KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) continues its legacy to be one of the Best Performing Markets in the world. This recognition was declared by the International magazine The Business Week. USA Today, another US newspaper also claimed the organization as one of the best performing stock exchange companies in the world.

There are remarkable features of the KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) which makes it as an emerging key institution in Pakistan when it comes to capital formation. It has 654 listed companies, 692 security listed on exchange and 654 ordinary share. It also has 14 preference shares and 24 debt securities or TFC.

KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) has the main goal of becoming the leader in the financial institution industry. It offers fair, efficient and transparent securities market in its region. Thus, you could simply browse the internet and find myriads of comprehensive and vital information regarding the organization and its activity. Some of the details provided include the KSE 100 Index and live Karachi stock exchange index.

There are other useful details from the KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) websites including KSE live rates, KSE data and analysis, stock price, KSE online trading and important announcements. These are fundamental data to explore and familiarize with especially if you are into online trading and planning to use this system. There are other online tools you could use such as electronic and automated trading system utilizing a T+2 settlement cycle. Other innovative and advanced stock exchange markets are likewise featured in the system.

KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) is one of the topmost choices when looking for a reliable financial institution where you could make a lucrative investment. With its impressive and trustworthy track record and background, success rates are definitely guaranteed. It has membership strength at 200 with up to 163 active members. With its 174 corporate members, nine of which are public listed companies.

The growth and progress of KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) is a founded and established financial institution with lots of strong points and features. Profitable investments on stocks start with the fundamental knowledge of big financial organizations and the systems involved in its operation.

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