What is Krsna consciousness?

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‘Krsna,’ or ‘Krishna,’ refers to the Supreme Being in the world of Hinduism.  In this particular religion, God is said to bear many names, and one of them is ‘Krsna’ or ‘Krishna.’  When a person talks about Krsna consciousness, it simply refers to being with God or having a relationship with God.  For some people, reaching Krsna consciousness could be one’s ultimate goal in life because it basically implies that one is following the ways of God.  For other people, Krsna or Krishna consciousness is also a way of remembering or devoting one’s life to Krishna, or God.

Aside from a devotion to the God called Krsna, Krsna or Krishna consciousness is mostly referred to as a life devoted to God.  One is said to achieve this level of consciousness when his/her whole life is done in accordance with the ways of Krishna.  Serving God through serving other people is said to be Krishna’s way, and doing this for one’s whole life is said to be a trait that is considered God-like or Krishna-like.  When a person is able to dedicate his/her ways to following the footsteps or ways designed by God, then he/she is able to reach Krishna consciousness.

Reaching Krishna consciousness is not an easy task for every follower of Hinduism.  Many may be able to devote part of their lives to God, but not all have the discipline, patience, and belief to fully devote their lives to Krishna and attain the so-called Krishna consciousness.  Based on various religious Hindu texts, there are four basic principles that people should follow in order to attain Krishna consciousness.  The first principle relates to abstinence from eating animal meat and other food items that are sourced from animals.  People are also prohibited from getting intoxicated from drugs or alcohol as this activity could cloud one’s mind in terms of choosing the ways of God.  People who want to reach Krishna consciousness are also advised not to engage in gambling activities and inappropriate sex.

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