What is krokodil?

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Krokodil is a relatively new drug that goes by the name of desomorphine which is a highly addictive drug.

Krokodil as an addictive drug has set a new record for being able to destruct both the body and mind quickly.

How krokodil is made

This drug is harmful given that it is a home-made drug using codeine as its main ingredient. Codeine is cooked with a mixture of paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, iodine, gasoline, and phosphorus taken from the strike pads of the match boxes until it becomes liquid. Cooking the drug takes up to 30 minutes.

The liquid mixture is injected to the veins. A person who has taken krokodil will experience a “high” that can last between 90 minutes up to two hours.

Krokodil only appeared last 2002 in Russia. It is reported that the drug was first spotted in Siberia and later on spread within the country. Some reports indicate that Krokodil became available in the United States sometime in 2013.

Krokodil as alternative to Heroin

In Russia, people use Krokodil as a substitute for heroin. Russia is dealing with a relatively high addiction of residents and citizens to heroin. A person who is addicted to heroin but can no longer afford to pay for heroin uses krokodil instead.

Krokodil provides more “high” than a heroin. It also costs much less; only one tenth of the cost of heroin. Krokodil however takes lives more quickly compared to heroin.

An addict taking heroin can live up to four to seven years while krokodil has a life expectancy of roughly one to two years.

Krokodil got its name because of the side effects to its users. Those who are addicted to krokodil have scaly and bumpy skin that is in the shade of green, comparable to the skin of a crocodile.

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