What is Korean BBQ?

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What is Korean BBQ?

Korean BBQ is the Korean way of cooking meats over a hot grill. Also called gogi gui, the meats used are usually beef, pork or chicken.
The Korean way of grilling is usually by setting up a grill right in the middle of dining tables. These grills can be built in to the table or a separate grill can be set down on it. In many restaurants, an LPG tank sits under the table, directly feeding onto the grill.
Meats for Korean BBQ can be just the meat or marinated. One of the most popular kinds of Korean BBQ is galbi or short ribs marinated in soy sauce, garlic, sugar, onions and some water. Some meats are grilled on their own such as chadolbaegi which are thin slices of beef which cooks instantly upon contact with the grill. Samgyeopsal on the other hand are thicker slices of pork. When cooking non marinated meats, the grill is usually rubbed with sliced garlic and thick slices of onions for flavor before the meats are cooked.
Korean BBQ is usually eaten with many side dishes called banchan. For instance, non-marinated meats are usually served with kimchi, pickled cabbages, shredded leeks, egg pancakes, seasoned spinach or seasoned bean sprouts. The meat also usually comes with lettuce leaves to serve as a wrapping, with some fresh green chilies, raw garlic cloves and slices of onion. Marinated meats are usually served with rice or the same set as the plain meats.

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