What Is KMZ File?

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A KMZ file usually consists of a KML file along with, sometimes, a few supporting files which are packaged into one unit with the use of a Zip Utility. The biggest advantage of a KMZ file is that it can be emailed or stored as a single entity, so rather than saving or mailing a huge number of files, one can just zip the required files and send them in one click. If a KMZ file has to be fetched from a web server, usually NetworkLink helps in finding it. When unzipped, the KML file and the other supporting files which comprised the KMZ file separate into their original directory structure and original format. Moreover, their original filenames and extensions are also restored.

In an archive the Zip format is compressed too; an archive can have only one large KML file. The results of the process are typically 10:1 compression, but it does depend upon the size of the file. For example a 100 Kbyte KML file is served by a 10 Kbyte KMZ file. The whole process of compressing the files makes downloading and uploading these files faster and is very convenient.

Google Earth is usually used in creating KMZ file. These files help in organizing folders, files, images, etc. The KMZ need not include any additional multimedia files, and a smaller file is always easy to send. One can refer to the Internet in order to know how to develop a KMZ file: detailed descriptions and tutorials are provided for all those who do not know how to create one. The process is nonetheless very simple and is a matter of a few clicks. Data compression or zipping files is used by many websites which allow download of data.  All these new techniques have made it easier for man to transfer data.

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