What is KMT?

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KMT is an acronym for the phrase “kiss my teeth”. This phrase is commonly used by young people especially in using social media or networking platforms. “Kiss my teeth” is some kind of an alternative to the more offensive phrase “kiss my ass”. This phrase is used when feeling annoyed or irritated by somebody. KMT can also be used to literally be rude to another person. Using the acronym KMT for this phrase is typical among the young people when they are using social media or mobile device text and chat services.

In the case of mobile phone texting services or chat options in social media platforms, many teenagers for example use shortened phrase and acronyms to keep the communication running at a faster and more convenient pace. Using KMT is quite common among students and other young people. With the everyday lives of young people and the choices they make, many of them can easily apply using KMT in various situations. In the case of friends having an online conversation for example and one of them seemed rude, others may blurt out KMT in the chat room instead of typing the whole phrase. There are also people who use KMT to annoy other people on purpose. When a person dislikes a comment or answer from another person for example, he/she may reply with KMT to end the conversation and move on to the next topic.

Many young people prefer KMT over typing the whole phrase because of convenience. In the world of the internet and social media use, there are also those who use KMT because of its seemingly more acceptable tone compared to the more vulgar and offensive “kiss my ass” phrase. Referring to the “teeth” as in “kiss my teeth” rather than the “ass” in “kiss my ass” is simply more acceptable for most people and this is one of the main reasons why the use of KMT and other acronyms or internet lingo is very popular in modern times.

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