What is KMSL?

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KMSL is another internet slang that literally stands for “Killing My Self Laughing”. In various internet chat rooms and social networking sites, many people use the acronym KMSL instead of typing the whole phrase. KMSL is also widely used when texting using mobile phones and other handheld networking devices.

In today’s technology-driven world, many people have also tried to adapt with what’s the latest craze and trend. In the world of social networking sites, texting, and chat rooms, many people are literally creating new words and terms to suit their needs and their new lifestyle. These so-called new words are also referred to as urban lingo or internet slangs because they are popularized through the internet in so many ways. Terms such as KMSL sometimes spread through the online world like wildfire. One minute, only a couple of persons use the term and understand its supposed meaning. The next few minutes though, many other people begin to get interested with the new term and once they discover the meaning, they use it themselves. Using internet slang terms such as KMSL is something that people of the younger generation enjoy doing. For most of them, being able to understand such terms easily gives them some kind of validation like they are part of the ‘in’ group or they are up-to-date with the latest.

As for the KMSL term, it simply refers to a remark where a person can’t seem to control him/herself from laughing at a particular remark, situation, or joke. Instead of saying that something is really funny or expressing the whole phrase “killing myself laughing”, one may just type in KMSL in online shoutouts, comments, or posts. With shortened phrases, communication between people in the online world becomes faster and perhaps more fruitful. Using shortened and abbreviated phrases such as KMSL also serves a practical purpose for the young generation of today since the short words not only save time in terms of typing, they could also be a means to save money when texting through mobile phones.

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