What is klugy?

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‘Klugy’ or ‘kluge’ is a term used by many people to refer to an often unwarranted and temporary solution to a computer-related problem.  When a person, for example, is experiencing problems with a computer database, he/she may opt for a “klugy” shortcut to the problem and do some repairs or data retrieval in some other unconventional but faster way.  Aside from “kluge,” some people also mean the same thing when they say “kludge.”  Regardless of how people spell it, though, ‘klugy’ basically means ‘a temporary and faster way to solve computer-related concerns.’

It is also a klugy solution or situation when the person encountering the computer problem is not tech-savvy or basically does not know what he’s doing.  In the case of IT professionals, some do not have enough knowledge, training, and/or experience in handling technical issues in a given network. For these types of so-called IT professionals and experts, it may be common for them to give klugy suggestions to the problems encountered by other people.  Like in the case of an application that encountered errors while being used, some supposedly good IT experts simply give quick-fix instructions like refreshing the page or shutting down the system.  Although these instructions may fix the concern, this klugy type of solution is actually temporary.  It does not necessarily address the error encountered in the application.  The klugy solution may either work or not work, and it all depends on chance rather than on actual specifications and theory.

Klugy solutions may also be applied to situations wherein the idea used for solving a particular software problem is actually intended for application to another type of program or software.  In this particular example, the klugy attempt to address the concern may be effective or not depending on the compatibility of the ideas and computer specifications.  Either way, the solution given is considered temporary and should be addressed later with a permanent and reliable solution.

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