What is Klu Klux Klan?

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What is Klu Klux Klan?
Klu Klux Klan is a racist and/or hate group formed after the American Civil War by white Americans who wanted supremacy over other races. It was formed in 1865 during the US Reconstruction period by former Confederate soldiers and sympathizers from the South and various vigilante groups because of their hatred for Black slaves that already gained freedom. The Klan, as the group is called, is also connected with terroristic activities, anti-Christian assaults, and various other crimes.

In the past, the Klan or KKK was just a secret fraternity club for white men. They had costumes during their meetings and rituals to protect the secret nature of their organization. They wore white robes with masks and pointed cone-shaped hats. The group spread across the state of Tennessee and eventually to other Southern states of the US. It also attracted various people in high places including former Civil War generals, mayors, sheriffs, and judges. But many common people also joined including criminals. All those who became members of the Klan engaged in spreading fear among the black population. Black people were murdered mercilessly, with no exceptions. Politicians, fathers, mothers, even black children were not spared from the Klan’s killing sprees.

Over the years, the US government relentlessly tried to stop the atrocious murders committed by the Klan. By 1872, the activities of the Klan were successfully stopped. But many years later, some groups would re-emerge in the 1920s and 1960s to continue the Klan’s racist, terroristic, and anti-Semitic ways. The Klan also evolved into some form of radicalism declaring themselves as a Christian group with beliefs based on the bible. They have aspirations of rebuilding the US with the establishment of white supremacy. The Klan has also spread internationally, particularly into the UK, Germany, and Austria. But it is still mainly an American organization.

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