What is Keynote?

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What is Keynote?
Keynote is an easy-to-use presentation software developed by Apple, Inc. With Keynote, creating professional-looking presentations can be done quickly and easily.

Keynote works for Apple MacOS x 10.2 or higher and only requires 1gigabyte of free disk space. This software may be installed on PowerMacs, PowerBooks, eMacs, iMacs, and iBooks. It also has a touch-design version for the iPAD. The software recommends 128MB of RAM and 8MB of video memory for optimum functionality.

There are various built-in themes on the Keynote software. Selection is via a Theme Chooser with an option for preview. Themes can also be customized according to your taste. Keynote’s slide canvas allows for text and graphic editing smoothly and easily. There are also alignment guides and rulers to aid you with text or graphic placement. Built-in animations are available to add to your presentation’s flashy and stunning look.

Adding charts, tables, and other media is also a breeze. There’s even a 3D version for the charts that you wish to animate. Graphic tools are also easy to use letting you make adjustments on the canvas with ease. Built-in transitions including 2D and 3D effects give a movie-like quality to your presentations. Keynote also features a narration-tool, which lets you record your voice and insert comments within your presentation. This feature is particularly helpful for remote meetings and presentations.
Keynote also works with well with existing presentations you made with Microsoft Powerpoint. You can also import files easily onto Keynote. Files from Quicktime and tables created on Microsoft Excel can easily be put on Keynote’s canvas. Exporting Keynote slides is also possible in Powerpoint, PDF, HTML, and QuickTime formats. With the Keynote Remote feature, you can make your iPhone or iPOD-touch the wireless controller of your slide transitions. There is also a web service for viewing presentations made with Keynote, so other people can view them regardless if they’re using a Mac or a PC.


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