What is Kettle Corn?

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What is Kettle Corn?
Kettle Corn is a popcorn variety that combines sweet and salty flavors. The term “kettle corn” literally originates from the corn being cooked in iron kettles back in the 18th century, which was believed to be the time wherein this particular food product was introduced in US soil. It was said that as early as 1776, “kettle corn” was used and mentioned in the diaries of Dutch immigrants in Pennsylvania. But it was only in the 19th century when this popcorn type became popular across the US and in other countries.

Popcorn is a favorite snack by many people and the kettle corn variety is even more popular because of the unique sweet and salty flavor combination. In the past, sweeteners such as sugar and honey are used to flavor the popcorn while it is being cooked in iron kettles. After the sweetener is added, salt is then sprinkled to the popcorn to give it a distinct sweet and salty taste. Today, popcorn is still a very popular snack and food item not only in the US, but also in different countries of the world. The kettle corn variety remained some kind of popcorn classic though, with the sweet and salty flavor maintained in the commercially available popcorns of today. Much of popcorn is highly advertised as the best snack and food item when watching TV or going to the movies. This idea has continued until today with people munching on popcorn while watching a favorite TV series or movie.

Various brands can be found in supermarkets around the world when it comes to kettle corn. Some brands offer ready-to-eat kettle corn varieties while others have microwaveable products. But some people prefer to prepare kettle corn in their own homes as branded varieties may be a little bit too expensive for them. Kettle corn preparation at home is very easy especially with guide books and recipe options readily available online. The original recipe of putting sugar first before mixing in the salt is still being followed today, resulting to the classic taste of the delicious and popular kettle corn snack.

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