What is Ketamine?

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What is Ketamine?
Ketamine is a type of anesthetic that may be used for both human and veterinary medicine. Most of its use is on animal anesthesia, but because of its effect of “dissociative anesthesia” or hallucinations, this drug is commonly abused by many people, especially the younger generation.

But aside from hallucinations, ketamine’s other effects on humans include anesthesia, pain relief, increased blood pressure, and dilation of bronchial tubes. This drug is manufactured in liquid form and is injected to humans for purposes like general anesthesia. In this procedure, ketamine may be used along with other drugs that cause sedation. Besides general anesthesia, this drug is also said to be effective in the treatment of depression especially for those with bipolar disorder.

Though most of the drug is available in liquid form, some illegal variants are available in powder form. The liquid form has no color and odor while the powder form is usually white or off-white in color. To those that abuse this drug, they usually mix ketamine with a drink or some form of beverage. Some also use the ketamine powder and mix it with cigarette tobacco or marijuana. There are also those who use the powder to press it in tablet form and commonly combined with another drug called ecstasy. And much like those intended for general anesthesia, ketamine in liquid form may also be injected through the muscles.

Once in the body, ketamine will result to hallucinations. The drug users involved will have distorted perceptions and impaired coordination and judgment. Usually these hallucinogenic effects will last only for an hour or two, but for those who are sensitive to the drug may have these symptoms for as long as 24 hours. Long-term effects of this drug, if abused, may include depression, amnesia, motor activity impairment, delirium, elevated blood pressure, and/or serious respiratory problems.

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