What is Keratin Treatment?

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What is Keratin Treatment?
Keratin Treatment is a form of treatment done for the hair. This treatment uses “keratin” to cure hair-related problems. Keratin is a natural protein that is present in the skin, teeth, nails, and on the hair itself. When extra keratin is applied on hair, it will make it softer and more manageable. Keratin used for hair treatments usually comes in the form of creams and balms. Many people undergo such treatment to improve and condition their hair.

Keratin treatment makes hair smoother and softer by coating the hair follicles. The result will be easy styling of the hair. This treatment is especially helpful to people with dry and brittle hair. Keratin will provide nourishment to the hair by penetrating to the roots and inside the hair follicle. The result would be healthier and smoother hair. And for those people with wavy and curly hair, keratin treatments will make the hair more relaxed for easy styling.

Keratin is also widely used in hair-straightening agents and solutions. Because it is a rich hair protein, it protects the hair from damage when using several chemicals that are used for straightening. It is said that keratin is able to fill the gaps on the hair follicle like areas where there is a crack or damage. Keratin is also absorbed from the inside of the hair follicle and gives a layer of protection on the outside making hair smoother.

Many hair products use keratin as it is an effective agent in doing hair repair. Beside keratin treatments offered by beauty shops and salons, there are also products that can be bought at stores and for use at home. Keratin hair treatments are usually available in cream form and may be used regularly. Some intensive formulas are recommended for weekly use. There are also many shampoos and hair conditioners that are keratin-based available in grocery stores.

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