What is keratin hair treatment?

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Keratin-based products and treatments are said to be good for the hair.  Keratin is a natural protein that helps protect the hair from damage from various environmental factors such as too much sun exposure, overuse of hair products, and blow drying among others.  Keratin serves to provide the hair with a natural coating or shield to keep it smooth and healthy and not prone to damage.  With keratin hair treatment, one is said to achieve healthier hair that could last a few months.

The basic function of keratin hair treatment is to help fill the damaged spots in the hair’s cuticle layer.  Being a naturally-based substance, keratin is considered very healthy and non-toxic.  During treatment, keratin will basically help smoothen out rough spots in the hair strand.  Rough spots are commonly found in damaged hair and these can be repaired successfully by keratin hair treatment.

People with dry and frizzy hair may also benefit from keratin hair treatment as it helps smoothen out the damaged parts of the hair and restore the hair’s natural moisture and glow.  Keratin basically functions to nourish the hair from the roots to the tips and make it even healthier and smoother.  Some also undergo keratin hair treatments after recent damage to hair from blow drying or hair color.  Through the keratin content of many hair products, the hair will have some kind of shield from the heating and chemical damage caused by frequent blow drying, styling, and hair coloring.  There are also experts who straighten their hair using keratin-based products in order to ensure that the hair remains healthy despite the use of various chemicals and heating equipments.  With keratin hair treatment, hair is also expected to remain straight, smooth, and healthy for a longer period of time compared to the results produced by other synthetic hair products.

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