What is Kelp?

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What is Kelp?
Kelp is a seaweed usually found in the shallow and cooler parts of the seas. It grows rapidly into thick-like vegetation underwater, resulting to the term ‘kelp forest”. It can be found almost anywhere in the world, usually around coastal waters. They are said to need some form of sunlight for photosynthesis; that’s why they are abundant in shallow waters.

Kelp forests are thick and lush and are a major support for different animal and plant species. It resembles a typical plant but it doesn’t have roots on the ocean floor. It also has leaves, with some floating above the water. Kelp has a tremendous growth rate of 20 inches per day. It could grow up to about 150 feet. If cut off for harvesting, kelp could grow back to its original size in a matter of ten days.

Kelp is harvested for a variety of reasons. Usually they are dried and crushed into powder form for use in health supplements and as food additives. It is said to be a great source of iodine, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, and other vitamins and minerals. These components of kelp are commonly used in various health supplements available in the market.

Kelp also boosts the body’s metabolism, making it a big help for those who want some weight loss. It is also said to help keep the hair and nails stronger, and would make the skin healthier. Others take kelp supplements to get an overall boost in the body’s immune system, and to ward off various illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

But aside from its health benefits, kelp can also be a food additive. It can be used as flavoring for some food items, or the leaves themselves may be used as vegetable. The leaves or sheets of kelp is also widely used in making the Japanese food – sushi.

Kelp has a variety of uses and benefits as food and as a health supplement. Because of its abundance in many parts of the world, many have also taken advantage of its potential as a good business product.

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