What is keish?

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What is keish?

Keish is a type of dish wherein meat, vegetables, cheese, and other items are put in a pastry crust.  For some people, this particular dish looks similar to pizzas and custard tarts.  Spelled correctly, the term “keish” is actually “quiche”.  Perhaps some people tend to misspell this particular word and use the pronunciation guide in writing, owing to the term ‘keish’.

“Quiche” is derived from the French word for cake which is “kueche”.  With its French origin as a word, the dish is also popular among the French.  Most quiche varieties also contain eggs and milk along with other savory food items like fish, cheese, fruits, and vegetables. This is why some people refer to quiche or “keish” as the savory version of the custard cake.  This dish is a popular breakfast dish in many parts of the world, including the US and other parts of Europe.

Quiche dishes are also likened to pizza pies because of the meat content.  One popular quiche variety is called quiche lorraine which contains meat strips or bacon mixed along with custard filling.  This variety also evolved over time with some people adding new ingredients like cheese and onions for example.  The crust used for this variety is similar to those used in pastry.  Although a popular variety, the version of the French is quite not the same as with the American quiche lorraine.  In the US, this quiche variety is usually cooked with no onions involved and with thicker custard filling.  The bacon used in the American version is also cubed instead of the standard strips.

Other varieties of quiche are usually named depending on the main ingredient added to the custard base.  When mushrooms are added, the name “quiche aux champignons” is given which literally translates to “quiche with mushrooms”.  For those added with spinach and tomatoes for example, these terms are just given their French translations to complete the quiche name variety.

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