What is Kegel?

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Kegel is a type of exercise that is specifically used to make your pelvic muscles strong. Doctors suggest this exercise to the pregnant women especially, in order to have some prior experience of physiological stress of later stages of pregnancy and child birth. Kegel exercise is both for men and women but with different techniques. They are little tricky and require more energy than rest of the exercises but once you get to learn how to do this, you can do it anytime.


It is necessary to have your pelvic floor strong. There are many factors that can cause weakness of your pelvic floor, which include aging, pregnancy, and weight gain and child birth. The person may find difficulty in performing this exercise. Doctor’s advice should always be taken into account before doing this exercise. Women can start their kegel exercise by finding the actual place of pelvic floor first. Doctors may also help in finding the pelvic floor in women. One other method of locating the pelvic muscles is to stop the urine flow in the mid, in this action, the muscles that will be used are basically the pelvic muscles about which this exercise is made for. This method of finding the pelvic muscles should not be used on regular basis as it might become dangerous to stop and flow urine in the middle. It can also cause infection. Men also need to find the correct location of their pelvic floor muscles.

The subject may not find the desired results immediately from this exercise but he should not get discouraged. Experts are in opinion that it takes almost 12 weeks to see the positive desired results of kegel exercise. There are also some cautions for making this exercise regularly i.e. if you feel some sort of pain in your back and abdomen; this is a sign that you are not performing the exercise in the right way.

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