What is KDGE?

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KDGE refers to a popular radio station based in Dallas Texas.  Operating at the 102.1 frequency, KDGE is also known as “The Edge” in the FM station industry.  The main playlist of KDGE or “The Edge” radio station includes various artists from the alternative rock genre.  What makes KDGE very popular is that it is also known to support local talents and bands in the alternative rock scene.  Tracks from famous national artists are played alongside up-and-coming bands based in Dallas and nearby localities.

KDGE had different names starting out as KFMF in the 1960s.  The radio station later changed its name to KJIM and KFWT among many other names.  By 1978 the station’s branding was “Q102” and was popularly known to play classic rock tunes and popular mainstream rock. By the year 2000, the current owner of KDGE Clear Channel moved it from its original frequency of 94.5 to its current one at 102.1.  From then on, KDGE The Edge radio station was born and is broadcast live over the cities of Dallas and Forth Worth in Texas.

The main thing that sets apart KDGE from other radio stations is its huge support for local bands.  The station even released compilation CDs of various local bands back in the 1990s.  Alternative rock and classic rock bands based in Austin, Denton, and Dallas were selected to be part of the compilation CD which was produced by the station with the help of advertising profits and other sponsorships.  KDGE also went into releasing music videos of concerts and events that were hosted by their in-house DJs.  The station also holds an annual music festival dubbed as the Edgefest featuring popular rock bands in the national and local scene.  KDGE’s online platform has also become a hit among its followers especially with social media presence in various platforms like Skype and Twiter for example.  With the station’s growing popularity, KDGE The Edge also broadcasts an HD-2 version that features limited advertisements in between tracks.  This HD-2 broadcast is branded as “The Cutting Edge”.

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