What is KCLO4?

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What is KCLO4?
KCL04 is the chemical notation for potassium perchlorate. It is an inorganic type of salt that is usually found in crystalline form and with no color. Potassium perchlorate is commonly used as an oxidizer and because of this property it is used by several industries. With easy reaction to many organic substances, this inorganic salt is able to produce an explosive force making it ideal in the making of fireworks, firecrackers, and explosives. Because of this high-reactive property, potassium perchlorate is also used in the making of propellants for solid rockets. This particular substance is also widely used in making “caps” or “coverings” to ammunition percussion. These caps are used for grenades, ignition devices and other instruments like rescue lighting flares.

Aside from this substance’s use as propellant and explosive, potassium perchlorate also has a useful property when ignited. Along with other chemical substances that can be burned, potassium perchlorate may be used as flash powders or instruments in the movie and photo industries of the past. Before the electronic light flashes were invented, this substance served as flash powder for use in lighting theaters and providing flash lighting for cameras used in dark spaces.

The field of medicine also benefits from using potassium perchlorate. This particular substance may help patients who are suffering from thyroid problems like hyperthyroidism. Potassium perchlorate helps in restoring the balance of hormones that are over-stimulated and overproduced by the thyroid gland when a person has hyperthyroidism. The direct effect is on the uptake of iodine by this chemical substance.

Other uses for potassium perchlorate include as disinfectant that is able to destroy microbes, as additive to engine lubricating oils, as part of the finishing mixture in tanning, making of leather, and paint production. This substance is also used in making rubber, in refining aluminum and electronic tubes, in electroplating, and in making nuclear reactors.

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