What is KBD.exe?

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What is KBD.exe?
Most PC users encounter the kbd.exe. This process is not a spyware or malware, which most PC users think. What exactly is the purpose of this kbd.exe? The process is authored by Logitech and may be installed in your computer by related software. According to Logitech, kbd.exe provides option to configure added keys on their multimedia keyboard products. The process in considered as supplementary and is not essential for the operation of your system.

Since kbd.exe is a non-essential process, PC users may opt to disable it. However, this process is not considered harmful. It is considerably safe and is not likely to pose any harmful threat to your computer system. The process is utilized by Logitech Multimedia, an application created by Logitech for manipulating other key functions on a multimedia keyboard.

Although the process may not pose any harmful threat to the system, and is considered non-essential, a user may still want to consider disabling it. There are two ways to disable such process. One is to use the task manager program in Windows. Using the command, type ‘MSCONFIG’ (without the quotes) to launch the task manager. Another method is to uninstall the Logitech Multimedia application. Uninstalling the application will permanently disable the kbd.exe process.

However, uninstalling applications may cause your system registry to fragment. This registry fragmentation may cause some errors. When this happens, all applications related to the error will function improperly or may not function at all. Every time you launch such application, an error message will appear. System errors may cause your computer to slow down, hang, freeze or crash.

When system errors happen, it is likely that you need to fix your registry. Fixing the registry manually is not recommended. Trying to do so would likely bring more problem than solution. It is suggested that you let an experienced computer technician fix the problem or you may opt to find free applications that fix registry. However, beware of untrusted sites offering registry fixers that you may find in the Internet. These sites may be spyware or malware disguised as registry fixers.

Spyware, adware, malware or any malicious programs may move or change names that would be very much similar to kbd.exe. However, there is no way that a kbd.exe will be of any kind of a malicious program. This is because it is created by a legitimate company, which is Logitech. The kbd.exe is located in C:\HP\KBD\KBD.EXE. If you find it anywhere else in your computer, then it is something suspicious.

To determine if the file is a spyware, adware or any other malicious programs, you must check other locations if such file also exists. Malicious programs tend to use names, which are similar to legitimate programs running in your computer. A slight misspelling of the name of a legitimate process may also be used by malicious programs. This is to prevent users to be suspicious about their presence. If you are suspicious about malicious programs in your system, let an experienced computer technician check your PC. Never remove or disable a process or application if you are not certain about its function.

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