What is Kayaking?

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What is Kayaking?
Kayaking is a type of boating activity using “kayaks” that are maneuvered manually using paddles with double blades. It may be done as a recreational activity or as a competitive sport.

Kayaking may be done on either salt or freshwater. Kayaks may vary in size and shape depending on the expected water conditions. Typical kayaks have a covered deck with a hole for a person to sit in. The legs of the “kayaker” are then covered underneath the small boat. The paddles used in kayaking typically have two blades for speed and maneuverability.

Kayaking may be classified to three types depending on the body of water involved. The first type is called “River kayaking” or “Recreational kayaking”. As the name suggests, this type of kayaking is good for recreational activities and typically done on rivers and lakes. Kayaks for rivers are usually stable and good for beginners. And since most rivers and lakes have calm waters, it doesn’t really require much experience to enjoy this activity.

The second type is “Ocean Kayaking” or “Tour Kayaking”. This is typically done on larger bodies of water like the oceans. Kayaks used for this purpose are usually bigger and longer. These boats are also designed for long-distance travel, like in touring activities. More experience is definitely needed for kayaking through oceans because of the waves and water current. Wearing life jackets is very much recommended for safety reasons.

The third type of kayaking is done on raging rivers and this is called “Whitewater kayaking or paddling”. “Whitewater” happens to rivers with fast-flowing waters. This type of kayaking offers both the calmness of typical river or lake kayaking and the energy rush of handling waves in sea kayaking. And since this type of kayaking involves fast-flowing water, it is also advisable for people to wear life jackets.

Kayaking is fast-growing in terms of popularity as a recreation and adventure sport. For enthusiasts, they enjoy the mix of calm and energy rush when kayaking through different bodies of water. Various nature-inspired tours have also taken advantage of kayaking in showing people the beauty of seas, rivers, and lakes.

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