What is kaempferol?

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Kaempferol is a health substance that is sourced from various food products including tea, vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, and beans, and some fruits like apples, grapefruit, and strawberries. When isolated from its plant or fruit source, kaempferol appears yellowish and has a crystal-like appearance. As a health substance, kaempferol is classified as a flavonol, a type of flavonoid that helps in various cellular functions in the body.

As a type of flavanoid, the kaempferol content of various vegetables and fruits is considered good for optimum health. IN fact, kaempferol is labeled as a strong anti-oxidant which helps eliminates cancer-causing free radicals in the body. The basic function of kaempferol is to help stop DNA oxidation which may damage various cells in the body. When this process is not stopped, various ailments may result including the dreaded cancer. Based on scientific research and laboratory studies, when kaempferol is present in the blood stream, cells that succumbed to cancer are said to be more responsive to anti-cancer medicines especially those induced through chemotherapy. Kaempferol also helps prevent cellular mutation that is associated with cancer development. Drinking tea regularly for example is known to help prevent ovarian cancer development in women who are already past their menopausal stage.

Aside from cancer, consumption of food items rich in flavanoids such as kaempferol can also help prevent cardiovascular disease. This explains why various vegetables and fruits are marketed as food for the heart. Consumption of tea and broccoli is also referred to as a healthy choice because of its kaempferol content. With cancer prevention and heart protection as its main health benefits, consumption of food items with kaempferol can effectively help people reach optimum health and perhaps even prolong lives. The health benefits of kaempferol also justify its use as one of the main ingredients in various health supplements and food preparations or items.

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