What is JWizard?

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‘JWizard’ is short for ‘Java Wizard,’ and it refers to a tool that can be used in designing user interfaces under the Java platform.  The basic purpose of JWizard is to help people who may not be so tech-savvy when it comes to Java or UI design.  Much like the help tools provided by other programs and applications, Java’s own wizard tool, called JWizard, simplifies user interface design for the so-called average user or developer.

When a person is building a Website, for example, he may need to learn some Java in making the pages dynamic.  Some people choose generic Website templates and gadgets provided by various products while others try to manage it on their own.  In order to get some help with user interface design, one may need the help of JWizard. Through this tool, designing the user interface would be much easier for those that may be a little technologically challenged.

Aside from Website creation and development, people can also make use of JWizard to take care of other programming tasks.  The main goal here is to provide an easy guide for all user levels in terms of program development and design.  When a developer, for example, would want to make a particular program accessible to all users at varying skills and levels, he/she may need to create a JWizard file in order to come up with a user interface that can be used and understood by the average person. Whether a person is a programming expert or a newbie in program development, tools like JWizard would surely come in handy to get things done quickly and more efficiently.  The best thing about JWizard is that even the simple creation of interfaces to create buttons to activate commands is made easy and simple.  Using JWizard basically functions to simplify the steps in programming with various design guides and cues.

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