What is JW Player?

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What is JW Player?
JW Player is a popular software for playing videos on the web. With support for Flash and HTML5, it is considered the most flexible media player that any user can find on the internet. The first version was developed back in 2005 and since then several updates were already made to this well-loved media player to keep up with user preferences and to improve its functionality and compatibility with different kinds of browsers and video playing formats. Another good thing about the JW Player is that the software is offered to any user and/or developer for free. Its programming source codes are shared with anyone who wants to customize his/her own version of JW Player.

The main concept of JW Player is its functionality and support for various video platforms and browsers. There are already numerous media players on the web today but JW Player stands out as it strives to keep up with the ever-evolving world of the internet. It supports YouTube, RTMP streaming, HTTP streaming, and major advertising networks among others, making it very versatile and functional regardless of the browser being used by the user.

JW Player features a skinning model in which users can customize its look depending on taste or preferences. Users can also make it look and blend with their existing website. Whether it’s flash or HTML5, JW Player will work just fine. And because of HTML5 support, running JW Player on multiple browsers will not be a cause of concern. This media player software is designed to give users consistent functionality across all major browsers. JW Player also has a “mobile embed” feature which allows users to move their favorite videos from their computers to their mobile devices such as iPhones, iPaDs, and Android-based gadgets. And to further increase JW Player’s functionality, the plug-in library provides for efficiency when it comes to advertising, special effects, analytics, sharing and social media.

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