What is JV Cheerleading?

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What is JV Cheerleading?

JV Cheerleading or Junior Varsity Cheerleading refers to a cheerleading program intended for “junior” players. Usually part of this “junior varsity” cheerleading team are the younger students in a given school. The freshmen and sophomores typically form part of any junior varsity team. AS with any other sport like basketball or football, younger students are first recruited to become part of the junior varsity team and this scenario includes cheerleading.

As the term suggests, junior varsity cheerleading involves the secondary team for a particular school. This concept applies to both high schools and colleges. Those on their third and fourth years, called juniors and seniors, typically form part of the school’s main varsity team. In this context, the members of the main varsity team are older not only in terms of age but also in terms of experience. This is usually the reason why many schools also put up a junior varsity team for example to cater to younger students. Other schools also use the junior varsity team to create a pool of available players for future membership to the school’s main varsity program. In cheerleading, most first and second year students only get to join the junior varsity team but eventually some of them land a spot on the school’s varsity cheerleading program.

But for freshmen or sophomore students that seem so talented, fit, and very athletic, they may get picked to become part of the school’s main varsity cheerleading team without being part of the junior varsity team first. Different schools have different policies on this issue though whether the sport involves cheerleading, baseball, or basketball for example. Whether a cheerleader is part of the junior varsity or the main varsity team, he/she is required to put some hard work and a lot of practice and dedication for the chosen sport. As for cheerleading, competitions are also held between schools just like the usual athletic sports and so requires long hours of practice.

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