What is Junk Food?

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In this fast world, everyone is in a hurry and wants to have everything in the shortest possible time. Thus might be true and applicable in case of getting services, but today it has taken over our food as well. Yes, the junk food. All that food is considered as “junk food” which contains much calories and low nutrition. Junk food has very low satiation value, which means that you always crave for more food once you have eaten it.


The usage of junk food has increased so much that people in many countries avoid cooking the pure food at home; rather they go for ready to eat stuff just to save time. Researchers have shown that junk food is so harmful that it is considered to be the main cause of many serious diseases including heart diseases, Alzheimer, cancer and diabetes. These harmful effects of junk food are never highlighted in the marketing campaigns of this type of food, rather they urge the customers to go now and buy them. Junk food does not only include chips, cookies, colas and sugar coated candies, but it also includes burgers, French fries etc. In short, all that food contacting a high amount of oil and other such ingredients come under the category of junk food. If we look into the history, the term “junk food” was first used by Michael Jacobson, who was the director of American Center for science in the public interest. Junk food is much more popular in children these days. They find it tastier as compared to the fresh homemade food. All this attraction for the junk food comes from these catchy marketing campaigns which never say a word about the harmful effects of junk food. Some policies should be made in countries to avoid the production and usage of junk food. This would may decrease a huge amount of money of people which they spend in hospitals for the cure of diseases that are caused by none other than “Junk Food”.

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