What is jucheck.exe?

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What is jucheck.exe?
The jucheck.exe is simply a process o verification carried out by Java, it is automated and there is generally no reason to worry about it. A common misconception is that this is an error message, or a threat, due to the awkward message ‘allow unknown publisher make change to this computer’, some users receive.
The jucheck.exe is a process preset to search on the internet any Java updates available for the software you’ve installed on your computer. In order to have your Java up to date, such processes are required, so it would be wise to let it perform the task it was created for. The jucheck.com will notify you each time a new update is available so you can decide if you want to proceed with the installation or not.
Java updates are frequent so it is most likely you’ll be seeing these notifications pretty often and there’s no reason to worry about them. This process can be disabled, but that will hurt the way your Java works and your ability to play online games, view images in 3D, chat online etc.
Viruses and other malware software usually try to conceal their origin and purpose by taking the same names as legit programs. Jucheck.exe is not an exception, so if you believe that you might be the victim of an attack, check out if this file is where it’s supposed to be. If you find it in the ‘C:\Program Files\Java\’ directory than you can relax, because this is nothing more than the Java update verification process.
Pay extra attention if jucheck.exe is located in a place it doesn’t belong, as trying to avoid detection by antivirus programs. A popular location would be right in the windows or system32 folders, because the files stored here are essential system files. Nevertheless, the worst thing you can do is to act on instinct and swiftly delete it, or other files related to it, without further investigation.

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