What is JTO?

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What is JTO?

‘JTO’ stands for ‘Junior Telecom Officer,’ a job position being offered by one of India’s biggest companies in the telecommunications and electronics industry, BSNL, or Barath Sanchar Nigam Limited.  Many graduates in India aim for the JTO position to be part of the huge call center and service operations of BSNL.  This particular company is known to be one of India’s biggest in the telecommunications industry offering telephone and broadband services.

Not every graduate, though, can automatically become a JTO or Junior Telecom Officer.  There are specific requirements for each specific JTO position.  JTOs that are hired may be under the Civil Engineering group or the Electrical Engineering group. Both must be  graduates of the specific engineering courses in order to be considered.  Aside from Electrical and Civil Engineers, though, graduates of Chemical and Radio Engineering may also be considered for JTO positions.  Graduates of other courses with majors in technology and communications may also be considered for the JTO position. The typical age limit for the JTO position is standard at 21 to 28 years of age.

The first step of the JTO recruitment process involves a written examination.  Basic requirements for age and educational attainments must be met before one can take the entrance examination.  The JTO position is also limited to Indian nationals and graduates of engineering courses.  But students who are in their final year of schooling may take the exam ahead of time and be considered for a JTO post as soon as they graduate.  The entrance exam to become Junior Telecom Officers of BSNL is quite intensive with a combination of engineering-related questions and basic intelligence questions.  A total of three hours is allotted for applicants to take the JTO exam.  If successful with the exam, applicants will then take part in the second part of the hiring process which is the interview.

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