What is JSON?

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JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.  It refers to an open standard programming tool or language that is typically used to transfer data between one application on the web and the main server.  Its format is derived from JavaScript, a known programming language for web applications but it is released as an open standard in which its codes are readily available for any person in to use to make their web pages and applications more efficient and dynamic.  The best thing about JSON is that its formatting features human-readable text which makes it very convenient for programmers and coders when applying it to the main programming language.

Coders who use the JSON format will will have .json as the official file name extension.  Those familiar with JSON will also recognize its classification or media type on the Internet which is “application/json”.  Credit is given to Douglas Crawford in terms of giving the initial specifications of JSON.  The discovery of the JSON format was said to have come out of the need to find an alternative way of allowing communication between web-based apps and the server other than the standard gateway provided by XML, or through web browser plug-in software like Java applets for example.  Through JSON type scripts, real-time data transmission between server and the applicable browser is made simple and easy.

In terms of format syntax, the JSON standard is considered very simple and straight-forward because it emphasizes on its human-readable feature.  Types of syntax include basic components like numbers, strings, arrays, and objects among many others. All these components and corresponding variables are arranged in such a way that non-coders can easily identify or read parts of the syntax.  With JSON, information that is stored on web browsers for example are organized and very easy to read and access. With the JSON format, webpages can easily read and load information without relying on other page components like additional plug-ins. The page just needs to read the syntax in the JSON format and interpret it quickly and efficiently.

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