What is JrNYLC?

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JrNYLC stands for Junior National Youth Leaders Conference and it refers to a leadership program developed by Envision for middle school students across the US with high scholastic standing and with great leadership potential. The conference runs for six days and it is held at Washington DC in the US.

Schools across the US typically send representatives to the JrNYLC in Washington. For middle school students who are high achievers in their class in terms of academics and leadership potentials, they may get nominated by their qualified teachers and advisors to take part in the conference. Once in Washington, students attend various activities that help them develop their leadership skills and get inspiration from various leaders of the past. Through workshops and plays, middle school students will be able to portray historical figures who are known to be great leaders of the American society. With several tasks given to the conference attendees, they are expected to develop and enhance their social skills, organization skills, management skills, and overall leadership skills which will eventually help them become better students and adults later on in life.

The best thing about the JrNYLC is that the activities involved in the week-long program not only focuses on classroom setups and lectures. There are various days dedicated for field trips and museum visits which make students learn more about the leaders of the past while enjoying their participation in the various activities. Through the conference, student participants will also be taught on handling concerns back in their own school and making positive choices to become true and great leaders for life. Participants will also be able to interact with different students from across the US and gain friends along the way. After the conference, each participant will be receiving his/her own Certificate of Merit which can serve as a badge for success and achievement in education.

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