What Is jQuery?

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What Is jQuery?

jQuery is a popular JavaScript library that makes making web pages and applications quicker and easier.  It is so popular that Microsoft, ESPN, and Twitter use jQuery on their sites.  By eliminating unnecessary markup on the codes, jQuery makes JavaScript writing easy and short.  One line of a jQuery code would achieve the same result as compared to 20 lines on regular Javascript.  Others claim that it is so easy that one look at the webpage source code will tell you how to use jQuery.

jQuery comes in a single .js file and is written in Javascript itself.  It is also downloadable from the internet for free and comes with hundreds of plugins to add more functionality to the scripts.  With great animated effects created from powerful scripts, jQuery is also said to be comparable to Flash movies.  With jQuery, various animation effects like fade, slide, expand, and contract are very easy to make. One also has quick access to Ajax-XML wherein the page doesn’t have to be reloaded if additional information is requested.  Making drop-down menus can be created quickly.  Content can also be added, removed, or reordered using just a few lines of code.  Drop-down menus can easily be created with animation and forms can be manipulated with simple codes.

Various other tasks are made easier using jQuery and one particular feature that stands out is its ability to work on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.  Sometimes there are incompatibilities between browsers and one is forced to write different codes for each.  With jQuery, unnecessary coding is eliminated and scripts are simplified.

If your objective is to create wild effects and fancy animation, jQuery may not be the solution for you.  But if you want minimal effort and create pages that look right and feel right, then jQuery should be able to help you finish your tasks quickly and easily.

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